Hi I'm Cara, welcome to my shop. This is my story.


My creative journey began with a single question. It was my junior year of high school, winter snow had blanketed my hometown of Detroit Michigan and I was just finishing up a painting in art class, when my teacher walked over and asked, “Where are you going to art school?”

This wasn’t a thought that had ever crossed my mind, but the question planted a seed—A seed that would grown into a field of future creative endeavors. It started when I earned a BFA in Illustration and Art Education from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit then, studying in Florence, Italy at SACI and years later; earning a Masters degree in Visual Development. 

I've always felt alive and engaged in my own creative journey—no matter the twists and turns it has taken, and it has taken many. I’ve worked at an art college, for William Sonoma home and Pottery Barn kids as a textile designer, for a bra company, and most recently passed ten years working for myself.

We populate our lives and homes with objects we are drawn to because of their functionality but also because of their design, beauty and the hidden stories such they tell. I've transformed my passion for storytelling and applied it to illustration and pattern design—bringing objects to life that feel as though they’ve arrived, from a far-off whimsical land.

I’ll always be grateful for the serendipitous question I was asked in high school—for the way it set me on the path to becoming an artist, and for how it inspires me on my journey even today.

I now continue to work as a freelance artist and illustrator, working with clients whose products and projects range from homegoods to wine labels. I love envisioning how everyday items will be used in people's lives and finding ways to infuse them with elements of storytelling—even if sometimes I’m the only one who knows the story. My goal is to create work that sparks joy, whether it’s through a product or a piece of art.