Progress Report

I figured it might be fun to see a little behind the scenes of what I’ve been working on and how it all started. A family trip to French Polynesia. A repeat trip that we did a year prior - right down to the same house we rented and the same resorts. I was so inspired by the landscape the first time that I had been dreaming and scheming about returning since we landed home. 

I did a fair amount of sketching and painting the first time we went and spend a good deal of time sketching with our young son- who was a little over two at the time. For the second time returning I knew what to expect and that the island we were staying on had just a few small towns with limited activities. Which was perfect- there wasn’t a ton of distractions I felt I “should” be doing. I could be totally content just hanging out with my family on the beach, playing and being creative. In short a PERFECT scenario for me creatively.

Before we left I took MANY a trip to the art store to prepare -adding more and more supplies to my arsenal. In the past I’ve taken a relatively light weight set- up that fits in any small purse with me. This time I WENT FOR IT.

I brought the plein air set up. Got a pochade box. Got a tripod. Took rolled up canvas, sketchbooks, pencils, Neo crayons, acrylic paint, watercolor, paint and gouache paint. When I say I went for it. I really did. Oh and let’s not mention all the materials I brought so my son could also engage in all these activities with non-toxic options. OH YEAH I WAS READY.

I wish in retrospect I had taken photos of all my supplies and how I packed them. Maybe the next major trip I take I can more dutifully document them and share that for anyone else interested in turning their family vacation into their own personal artistic retreat. My husband and I met in art school and have been together for 20 years, so this is nothing new to him- I merely leaned into it al little more.

On location I did tons of sketches and mini painting and I'm expanding on some of those ideas now that I'm home and back in my studio. I’m doing some larger scale paintings, some medium and some smaller ones on illustration board.I really wanted to experiment with larger scale pieces. These all will be for sale- well mostly- I think I'm attached to some of them already- but for years you all have asked if I sell my originals. So now I am. lI’m thinking about sending out a little e-catalog ahead of time for anyone that may be interested in collecting originals. Then releasing them at a set time on my website. Unless someone here in northern California is interested in hosting these works for a little gallery opening? Not sure if I’m brave enough for that yet. These originals may become products at some point but I need a little break from all the manufacturing and tracking of cargo and ships for a moment and this is how it’s manifesting. 

I can’t NOT create. It’s fundamentally part of my happiness- I’m 1000% a better human when I’m making or creating something. Even if it’s just a cake, or a sketch or a craft- but mostly when it’s art. So here we are, I'm inviting you along as I slow my pace a bit to have a little more fun, a little less pressure, a little more mess and  asking you to join along for the fun and follies that go with it. Here’s the messy proof of what I’m up to. At an alarmingly slower pace than I hoped…because life.